Gary Zamora

Gary Zamora

Prophet and Pastor of Prophetic Fulfillment Church

Prophecy, revelation, and wisdom are at the core of Pastor Gary’s message. He began preaching at the age of 12 years old and walks in the office of a prophet. He has spent his life studying the scriptures, which has opened the door to deep revelation. He believes revelation is essential to growth in the body of Christ. He and his wife Donna have been happily married since 1981. They have two daughters who serve with them in the ministry.

What We Believe

We touch Heaven with our faith knowing Heaven will touch us back.
The heartbeat of PFC begins with Revelation 19:10. “The revelation of Jesus Christ is the spirit of prophecy.” We believe we can touch Heaven with our faith and when we do, Heaven touches us back. This is how we activate the spirit of prophecy. We are present-day believers. We cannot rely on what happened in the past to sustain us in the future.
Jesus said in the last days He would pour out His spirit and we would prophesy. This doesn’t mean we wait for that time to arrive. We choose and declare that we are that time. We don’t wait for the calendar to turn pages to receive the promise. We believe by faith we are that promise, here and now.

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