• Experience the joy of being
    Blessed and Highly Favored in 2014.
    You've dreamed about it long enough...
    Now live it!
    ~Gary Zamora
  • Prophetic Fulfillment Church
    Moving To Orange County
    January 4th at 10:30am
  • Prophetic Edge Radio
    Wednesdays at 3pm
    Now Available on
    Prophetic Edge on Spreaker Radio
    Prophetic Edge on Spreaker Radio
  • Integrity of Your Design
    Gary Zamora
    Learn what God meant
    when He created you!
    Integrity of Your Design
  • An Obstacle Or An Arrow?
    A roadblock stops you.
    An Arrow directs you.
    Learn to know the difference.
    An Obstacle or An Arrow
  • Licensed For A Godly Imagination
    Gary Zamora
    Learn how the imagination of God
    and man work together to eliminate
    confusion and empower you.
    Licensed For A Godly Imagination
Prophetic 2014 The Moment
"The Moment"

Come worship with us for a prophetic evening as we unite together to hear what the Spirit of the Lord is saying.

Prophetic Edge Radio Program
Radio Program

This is all about the Word of the Lord for today.

Prophetic Fulfillment Church
Prophetic Fulfillment

Hear what the Holy Spirit is saying as we unite in worship and seek His kingdom. Sundays at 11:00 AM.

Prayer Requests
Prayer Requests

We want to agree with you concerning any and all prayer requests you have.

Thank you For Your Support
Gift of Giving

Your gift to Gary Zamora Ministries helps change countless lives.

Audio Products
Audio Products

Essential Products For Developing A Prophetic Foundation.

The spirit of The Lord has freed the tongues
of this generation to prophesy!

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